What Will This Cost Me?

Davis & McCabe will consult anyone injured in an accident for free. If we agree to represent you, we will not require you to pay us any money up front, such as a retainer. Rather, we get paid based on a contingency fee. A contingent fee means that you pay a percentage of your settlement to your attorney. Our firm will also advance all of the costs and expenses associated with your case. We do not charge any interest on these advances, and the sums that are advanced will be deducted from the verdict or settlement after the fee has been determined.

Where Will My Case Be Filed?

This will be determined by where the accident happened and the residence addresses of all parties.

Will I Have To Go To Court?

Not necessarily. Many trucking accident cases are concluded without even filing a lawsuit. Most lawsuits are settled without an actual trial. A settlement avoids the cost and delay of a trial and may result in a greater net recovery. However, if the case cannot be settled on satisfactory terms, it may be necessary to try it in court.

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